I am in awe of what Julie has done for me. When I met her, I was suffering from a repetitive motion injury from computer use. I had severe shoulder pain and two dislocated ribs. I had already tried months of chiropractic and Rolfing and I was still miserable. After just two Gyrotonic sessions, my pain was 90% gone. After 5 months, I feel like I’m in a whole new body. No other workout has EVER done this for me. Julie is an amazing teacher who brings great intelligence to this work. I highly recommend her!

Linda N., Santa Barbara, CA

I was thoroughly impressed with Julie’s intricate knowledge of Gyrotonic, of human body mechanics, and her ability to fine-tune the interaction between the two.

In one session I went from being a skeptic – someone who had dismissed Gyrotonic as being the latest exercise fad, even before I had tried it – to someone who will be using this kind of work as an integral part of my physical training for the rest of my life. This kind of training will improve your functional strength, and your precision, capability and effectiveness in any physical discipline.

Julie’s relaxed, positive, and thoroughly professional manner make her the ideal guide and partner for maximum effectiveness and knowledge transfer in this kind of work, and I could not recommend her more highly.

Chris Peake

Professional tango dancer and instructor and sailing instructor

Julie is super nice and she looks like an actress. Gyrotonic is interesting. You’re doing movements that a normal person wouldn’t do and it kind of opens your mind. It’s really fun.

Siena D., 10 years old, Darien, IL

The time I spent training with Julie Ramsey brought me great progress and I had a really good time. Each session was tight, focused, and drew me into deeper work. She brought me into new, different and advanced work as well as returning me to relearning the basics with new focus and attention. At the same time Julie was always careful as she introduced me to new work and made sure that I was ready for it and comfortable enough to proceed.


Double hip replacement recipient

Julie really helped me after I broke my leg. Even though my bone was mending, I felt like I couldn’t regain my balance and my confidence on my feet. Julie helped me feel more functional and mobile. I especially appreciate how she adjusts her sessions to your needs, rather than following standard routines. I haven’t found anyone like her closer to home.

Elaine J., Clinton Township, MI

Increased my flexibility, and really enhanced my dancing by increasing my balance, connection and control throughout my body!

Alison Bradley

Designer and dancer

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