GYROTONIC® is a movement method utilizing innovative equipment in which the breath guides the body through circular and flowing movements to stimulate the nervous system, open the joints and improve circulation. Invented by Juliu Horvath in the 1980’s to aid in the recovery of an injury, the system is aimed at having people “feel more at home in their body”. Simultaneously improving strength and flexibility, this mobilization of the body is beneficial for those seeking pain reduction with a gentle, soft approach, or for those searching for new energy and athleticism as aid to injury prevention. The movements can be practiced with various intentions whether slow and deep or dynamic and expansive, every body can benefit from this system.

Your Trainer: Julie Ramsey

With over ten years of experience teaching GYROTONIC®, Julie brings a wide breadth of knowledge along with constant professional development and formal study for the benefit of her clients. She loves the challenge of helping people in pain as well as creating innovative and inspirational workout sessions for athletes. As an avid athlete in the realms of equestrian show jumping and dressage, long distance wilderness trekking, snowboarding, and tango dancing, she has a deep knowledge of the body and the benefits that movement can bring to the overall well being of the whole person. The acute physical awareness achieved through various injuries and setbacks, she also has an understanding and respect for pain and the limitations of the body. Ongoing coursework in anatomy and physiology as well as various movement modalities allows Julie to view each individual’s body with a trained eye for posture, balance, and symmetry. Her goal is to improve movement and life through spatial awareness, breath, balance, strength and flexibility that allow full expression of physical, energetic, emotional and intellectual well-being. Julie is also certified in PILATES through the BASI system and can cater to the needs of each individual depending on their movement abilities and preferences.

Experience a whole body workout that leaves you feeling harmonious, energized and powerful in every fiber of your being.

Studios in Paris, Online Classes Worldwide

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