Imagine strength, mobility, and power in every fiber of your being

Jeweltone Kinetics

GYROTONIC® is a flowing and rhythmic sequence of exercises guided by the breath and aimed at simultaneously stretching and strengthening the body. The ultimate goal is a balanced, symmetrical and supple body, preventing injury and pain, providing a state of physical, mental and emotional well being. People of all ages and movement abilities can benefit from GYROTONIC®.

Experience a whole body workout that leaves you feeling harmonious, energized and powerful in every fiber of your being.

Studios in Paris, Online Classes Worldwide

The results were amazing

The time I spent training with Julie Ramsey brought me great progress and I had a really good time. Each session was tight, focused, and drew me into deeper work…
– Kate

So simple and so easy to use

I was thoroughly impressed with Julie’s intricate knowledge of Gyrotonic, of human body mechanics, and her ability to fine-tune the interaction between the two…
Julie’s relaxed, positive, and thoroughly professional manner make her the ideal guide and partner for maximum effectiveness and knowledge transfer in this kind of work, and I could not recommend her more highly…
– Chris Peake: Professional tango dancer, instructor and sailing instructor

I am in awe of what Julie has done for me… After 5 months, I feel like I’m in a whole new body. No other workout has EVER done this for me. Julie is an amazing teacher who brings great intelligence to this work. I highly recommend her!…
– Linda N., Santa Barbara, CA

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